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What is Blended Learning?

What is Blended Learning?

Health Careers International courses are offered in the Blended Learning mode, a teaching practice that combines the advantages of both face-to-face and online learning. This pedagogy is being accepted by more and more institutes, as it breaks down learning barriers and effectively addresses the challenges of high student expectations and limited resources.

Combining self-directed online studies and face-to-face practical instruction, Health Careers International's blended learning courses are flexible and offer opportunities for students to access course content independently and to work more autonomously, with the knowledge and assurance of face-to-face sessions that can help dispel doubts and cement learning.

The individualized attention students get during the classroom sessions will help them to reflect upon their strengths and weaknesses, and build upon the areas where they need to improve themselves. Student support is afforded through emails, skype calls, virtual classroom sessions as well as in face-to-face mode. All course material and resources are available online and can be accessed time and again till thorough comprehension is achieved.

Blended learning is undoubtedly where the future is headed, as it addresses the diverse needs and learning styles of our students, and leverages technology-supported teaching methods. Through blended learning, we are able to extend classroom instruction online, tap virtual learning resources and take advantage of new approaches in instructional design to inspire and motivate our students. In the days to come, we look forward to advancing learning experiences even more for the benefit of our students.

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