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Our Vision

Global provider of healthcare education and research


To become a global provider of healthcare education and research


Never out of work.

Our strategies to achieve this mission include:

  • Student Experience : Striving to deliver an exceptional educational experience for our students;
  • Employer of choice : To be recognised by our staff and the industry as an employer of choice;
  • Internationalisation : Expand course delivery and employment opportunities internationally through the Health Careers Learning Hubs;
  • Stakeholder engagement : To develop contextualised healthcare education programs that meet the current and future needs of industry and the healthcare workforce; and
  • Innovation : Innovate, and be forward thinking in the design and delivery of our programs and services.


Enhancing Lives through Education Training and Technology


Jobs are the primary source of wealth that sustains individuals and families; the building blocks of society. Creating a supportive organisation entails an emphasis on staff training and development, family support, career growth and the provision of lifelong opportunities for career progression through organisational growth.

The provision of quality educational outcomes is also fundamental to supporting the personal and career development of students and graduates. The world is increasingly globalised and interconnected; thus, education must transcend boarders and address changes in students’ needs in response to global trends as well as local developments.

Linking and partnering with educational institutions and organisations that share HCI’s global aspirations and are aligned with this philosophy is key to making that mission a reality.

That same philosophy is manifest in HCI’s core values: Innovation, Caring and Excellence.

Core Values


  • Adopt a culture of innovation in every aspect of the design and delivery of our education programs and services
  • Constantly challenge and question our existing practices and processes


  • Recognise the challenging nature of the healthcare sector in the support we provide for our students
  • Understand the unique requirements of our students and celebrate their diversity


  • Strive to consistently deliver excellence in the design and delivery of training and education
  • Provide an educational environment that encourages and recognises excellence


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